Corporate Inquiry


  1. Need Humorous Content?  The Big Shot is funny.  Ask for a sample reel today!
  2. Increase Sales Of Your Products. Have a new product or a product you want better market penetration on?  Then consider Paid Product Placement in our TV Series.
  3. Reposition Your Brand. Discover a unique opportunity to paint your brand in a different light with your target customer.  Are you an investment firm who wants to become more personal to your customer? What better way than to make them laugh.
  4. Block Your Competition.  This is a chance to reach your target customer in a venue… where you competitor simply isn’t there.
  5. Social Responsibility.  This film is being produced by a diverse community effort in the Hartford CT area.  We are bringing together people’s from all different nationalities, all different socio-economic statuses and uniting them in a community effort that promotes laughter and friendship.  Align your cause… with ours.

Please Remember (Disclaimer) The Big Shot Pilot and Series is produced by “Joe Young Studio”s and “Green Cheeks Productions”. Important Disclaimer: The Big Shot, Joe Young Studios and/or Green Cheeks Productions, makes no guarantees in regards to the success of The Big Shot. The Television and Film Industry is very risky and it is quite possible that no Company, Television Network or Film Studio will ever pick up or broadcast “The Big Shot”.