Actor Chris Barnes – Playing a version of himself as Chris Barnes in the new TV Sitcom “The Big Shot”

From Scranton, PA. 1970’s Stand Up Comedian Catch a Rising Star, Tramps, Erics National Lampoon Radio/ Rolling Stone Radio/Comedy Central Mock Rock Concert 1980’s Second City Chicago/Santa Monica Main Stage Actor

Television Appearances: 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, According To Jim, Life with Bonnie, On Tour w/ Badnews Barnes & The Brethren of Blues Band

Co-Owner Flaming Saddles Saloon NYC/WEHO

In this comedy series, Chris Barnes, a former Saturday Night Live Writer and Second City Improv Alumni, plays a version of himself (much as Jerry Seinfeld did) looking to get back on top by playing the lead role in a fictional series within this sitcom.